Ready For The Adventure of a Lifetime With Jesus?

Come discover Jesus in the jungles of Burma.
မြန်မာစကားပြောသူများJungle Discipleship School


I like to write, I’ve writen two books and am working on a third project now. My first book was called The Wandering Leader, followed up by The Wandering Beloved. For more about my books visit my Amazon page.

Jungle Discipleship School

Not your typical DTS. Come to school in the jungles of Burma, invest 10 months to dive deeper in Jesus at our school. Oh, did we mention its in the middle of a active warzone?


We’re documenting the process of quitting my job and starting a school in a warzone. Follow us in the journey by watching our video series. (Warning, this is a high quality Hollywood grade production, or maybe not…)

Is this for real?

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m thankful you’re here. Here’s a bit about me and what I’m doing. 

Yes, this is for real. Sometimes I wonder the same thing, sometimes I wonder, “how on earth did I get here with my life…” 


I was born in a small town in cold Northwestern Ontario called Kenora. Like a good Canadian I did my best to make a career in hockey, I spent a decade playing and then coaching teams in Canada, Finland, Poland and Italy (where we won back-to-back Italian Championships, that was pretty awesome). 

I liked to do things that bring me out of my comfort zone, and I liked learning about leadership, so I decided to join the Canadian Army as an officer. The army is pretty good at pushing you out of your comfort zone, and as an officer I got to learn about leading men in battle. I spent a decade in Reserves as an artillery officer. During that time I wrote two books, the first is mainly about sports and self-discovery called The Wandering Leader.

I had no intentions of writing a second book, and I had no intention of living a “religious” life, but God has other plans. After God pursued me in life-shatering ways, I wrote the bulk of The Wandering Beloved in one sitting in a Tim Horton’s coffee shop on the army base in Edmonton. This experience completly changed my life. 

I never had any deployments while I was a soldier in the Canadian Army, but once I signed up as a soldier in God’s army he deployed me right away into a war that I knew nothing about – he sent me to spend a decade working with the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) who work tirelessly to bring help, hope and love to people in Burma. You’ve got to check FBR out if you don’t know about them.

After a decade of masculine initiation with FBR, God put a new dream on my heart – open a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in the jungle of Burma. Go carve it out of the dense jungle, dig bunkers to hide in for when the jets come and drop bombs, go help people who need help in the conflict zone, and lead people deeper into Jesus. 

Wanna come along? 

Latest Video


Join us on our journey to build a school in a warzone...

We have decided to document the journey of starting a school in the war zone of Burma.


Episode 3 is here! Watch it above or on our Facebook page. Please share it with your friends.

Episode 4 Coming Soon








I need your help. Really, I do.

If you want to learn about supporting me directly, or supporting our Jungle Discipleship School, you can learn more about it below. The students who are joining our program don’t have a penny to their name so I need to provide everything from their underwear to their food… and I only have a couple pennies to my name… So if God is leading you to become a partner in this project your giving will go a long way. There are many ways to support the project besides financially; prayer is a big one – we will a special prayer warriors email list you can sign up with. You can come volunteer – a list of open positions at the school will be posted here. If you are able to support the Jungle Discipleship School financially, big or small, your contribution helps bring the gospel to Burma. Please watch the webinar on the donation page where I explain the school and walk through the budget of the school, and how you can help.


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