Jungle Discipleship Training School

Welcome to the home of the Jungle Discipleship Training School. Take some time to learn about our school in Burma, look at our yearly calendar and our curriculum.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our number one goal?

We have one goal at the Discipleship School, we want you to grow closer to God. All the learning and community practices and academic study is in place for one reason, to draw you deeper into true relationship with God. There is a lot of practices in the church today that we don’t know why we do them, and they don’t draw us any closer to God. We want to engage with and understand practices and traditions of the church in order to deepen our relationship with God. Read through our curriculum and see the topics we will cover during our school year.  

Topics We Dig Into

Every week we have a different singular focused topic for that week. Imagine getting to focus on one aspect of God for a week at a time. We are not in a rush, we are here to unpack the truths of scripture to get to know God in deeper ways. Have a look at some of the topics we cover. 

God’s Big Story

Lets start by orienting ourselves to where we are in the big story that God is telling. Sometimes our lives feel like we’ve shown up half way through a movie and we’re trying to catch up. Lets figure out what God is up to in this world and where we fit into that story.  

God as Father, God as Son, God as Spirit

We have a unique relationship with each part of the trinity, and we bring our own experiences into those relationships. We will spend a week looking at each person in the trinity; a week learning and re-learning God the Father. A week unpacking the personality of Jesus, and a week discovering our relationship with the Holy Spirt. We will finish this month with a week studying the Gospel and how the Cross of Jesus affects our life.  


My family used to say the same prayer before every meal, “Dear God, thank you for this food, Amen.” Is it just words or is it heartfelt prayer? We relate with God through prayer, so we want to spend a few weeks unpacking the truth behind prayer and how we can pray prayers with umph, rather than just rambling words to the walls.  


We will unpack one of my favourite series called “Becoming”, where we spend a few weeks looking at who and what we are becoming. We want to unpack our relationship with power, where our identity lies, what we’re consuming, how to plant deep roots in God, and how to build a community that supports you as a child of God and a leader. 

Other Topics

We will cover lots of other topics like Testimony sharing, helping others, spiritual disciplines, we’ll have “skill weeks” where we’ll learn and refresh practical skills like first aid, human rights, media, security and other skills that will help us help others in the war zones. The students in the Discipleship School will go on two relief missions deeper into the war zone to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Hands and Feet:

All Discipleship School students will go on two relief missions in Burma. Right now the fighting and displacement is greater than at any other time in the history of Burma. Thousands are displaced as Internally Displaced People (IDPs) or refugees. Two times in the school year our students will put their faith into action and go and serve and help the people in Burma. In partnership with local ethnic groups and ethnic security teams, we will move from the school – sometimes that might mean walking for several days – to respond to where the needs are. Our students will share the gospel, pray for everyone they meet, and provide tangible goods like medicine, shelter, and food to those who need it. 

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We have an awesome leadership team that helps to manage the Discipleship School and camp. We have several foreign partners that come visit the school regularly and a diverse group of ethnic leaders. We have students and staff from several different ethnic groups including, Karen, Karenni, Arakan, Po Karen, Kachin and Burman. For the security of our teachers and leadership team we can’t show their faces or names online, but we encourage you to come and meet them! 

David Small

David Small

School and Camp Leader

David Small has many ethnic names; Rue Reh, Dawee Poe, Naw David Lahpie, to name a few… David has a bachelor of science degree from the Haaga-Helia University of Science in Finland and half a masters of divinity degree from Acadia Divinity School. David has extensive background and experience in coaching and team building, as well as special courses from the Allender Centre. David has authored several books and lived and worked in Burma for over a decade. David spend the majority of his time teaching at the Discipleship School and helping to lead and plan relief missions. 

There's lots more at the school!

Sausage making, beer brewing, weekly family dinners, community pracitces, a recording studio in the jungle, motorcycles, bathing in cold rivers, sleeping in bamboo huts and hammocks, friendships, lots of rice, lots of laughter, lots of music…There is so much more at the Discipleship School

Still have questions?

Do you still have questions about the Jungle Discipleship School? Want to know our specific doctrine or beliefs? Want to know more about the yearly plan? breaks? visas? costs? Or how you can support the school? No problem, get in touch with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you accept?

We try to keep our class size to around 20 students, give or take a few. We want keep our class sizes intimate and close-knit. We have weekly one-on-one sessions between students and teachers, and we have weekly small groups, but we want to keep our class size small to develop deep relationships and community with each other. 

What language do you teach in?

We believe that love comes before language. As children and toddlers we understand love before we understand language, so we put more effort into loving people than we do on language. That being said, we teach in English, Burmese and Karen. We want you to grow closer to God, so we want you to understand and apply the topics into your life. 

Can I attend if I’m not from Burma?

Sure! You’re welcomed… A few comments about that; foreign students will live in dorms and community with the Burmese students, you will build great relationships. You will have some extra visa requirements/expenses while you’re overseas. Also, foreign students have a tuition cost that they need to pay, but we’ll work with you on that. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in becoming a student. 

What happens on a Hands and Feet Mission?

Students will prepare a plan, in cooperation with local ethnic groups. Students will find out where the greatest need is, and then make a plan how we can go and help them. Relief missions will include medical programs, children’s programs, and village evangelical programs. Each mission will last 3-4 weeks, and then students will return to the our school camp. 

Is it dangerous?

Danger is, and becomes relative – but God tells us not to live our lives in fear. The Burma Army attacks and bombs all around the country, every day. There is no safe place in Burma, on any given day a Mig or Yak jet fighter could bomb. That being said, we believe in the power of prayer and we pray over our school grounds. We also dig trenches and bunkers in the event the jets do come. There is a certain amount of risk, but God is much bigger than the Burma Army. 

Where is the school located?

The Discipleship School has it’s own private area of ground where we build dorms, classrooms and cooking houses, inside Burma. That being said, we can’t disclose the exact location of the school for security reasons. If you want to come visit, get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a visit.