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We will update this page with stories, videos, blogs, podcast, and mission reports from Burma. Please check back often.


Latest Reports From The Field

Podcast is here!

Podcast is here!

In Episode 1 – Rabbit Trails – you’ll follow a few rabbit trails of thought as Dave unpacks the first mission last week and a lot of the emotions and feelings surrounding this new project. You’ll also hear Jala share some of the latest news updates from the past week in Burma. 

Jesus is Enough – The First Mission

Jesus is Enough – The First Mission

I thought about how I had no money. I was not bringing any resources to the table. I am not a medic or doctor and I can’t really afford to buy medicine, so I am not going be able to help with the physical side. And I’m not an ex-special forces guy that specializes in military skills. Resources, Health, Security. It’s amazing how much of our lives we focus on those things.

The only thing I can bring now is Jesus and my love.


Jungle Discipleship School Podcast

You can find our podcast almost anywhere that you stream your podcasts. We will try to update as often as we can and include some of the latest news from Burma as well as stories from Burma and the Jungle Disciplship School. If you want to be a guest on the podcast and feel you have something cool to share with our community, get in touch!


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