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Your Generosity Matters

Please watch this webinar to find our more information on the Jungle Discipleship School as well as our current needs. 


USA Donations

Tax-deductable donations in the USA can be made through our 501C3 partner KontaktMission USA

Canada Donations

Charitable donations in Canada can be made through our ministry partner Kontakt Canada. When giving please select “Jungle Discipleship School, Burma”

Current Needs

We have a lot of opportunities for you to bless and partner with us. See the current needs of the school and consider picking one to support. We will update this list regularly. 

Be a Part of Sending the Gospel to Burma…

I’m humbled that you’ve clicked to come to this page. Thank you. I started the Jungle Discipleship School with about $2000 in my bank account, trusting God would provide for us. You can see our current needs listed out below and where we’re at in funding them. We decided early on that the most important thing we needed was to just be together, staff and students. We can sleep in hammocks in the jungle and cook in small cooking pots. We can sit on the ground and make our classroom anywhere. This is not ideal, but as long as we are together, we can start. Everything else is bonus – having houses, dorms, classrooms, toilets, internet, matching uniforms, and a farm makes the program and learning so much better, but it isn’t required. If God is leading you to partner with us, I just want to sincerely say Thank You! Your financial support brings the gospel into Burma, in deep ways. You are a life changer.

Ways to Give

If you are making a donation from the USA you can give through our 501C3 Ministry Partner Kontakt Mission USA. Visit this page, select the method for your donation, select Jungle Discipleship School from the designation drop down menu. (***If you make a note on your donation that your donation should be used for “buildings” then it will incur a lower administrative fee…)

If you are making a donation from Canada, you can give through the registered charity Kontakt Canada and select Jungle Discipleship School, Burma as the designation.

Check out our needs below. (prices are in $USD).

If you don’t care about tax-receipts then you can give through PayPal, Wise, or eTransfers, get in touch for the details. You can also buy us a bag of rice using the BuyMeACoffee page.

Together as a Community!

We believe in community giving – and we need your help. In these early days of building the school we want to encourage giving as a community. Please look at some of the “big ticket” items below, pick one, then bring it to your community (church, school, business, friend group, etc.) and pitch the idea to your group to fundraise and support that item together. Many hands make light work!

Check back here where we will update this space with the groups and organizations that have chipped in to help build (literally) the Jungle Discipleship School.

Make Your Pledge

Once your group has decided on which item below, and agreed to support it – let us know. Make your pledge known so we can offer any support, resources, and prayers as you go about fundraising within your community. Making your pledge also helps us to update our list of needs below so others can plan as well.


Thank You! Offlake Church

We’re thankful to Offlake Church in Finland, Ontario who supported 1 relief mission!

Thank You! Oromocto Baptist Church

Oromocto Baptist Church blew us away with a gift that will pay for nearly half the year of food for the entire school. We are so thankful for OBC in Oromocto, New Brunswick.

Thank You! Oromocto Prayer Group

Thank you to Amelia, Amanda, and Matt who decided to pledge money to JDS from their prayer group. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us!

Thank You! Whittlesey Family

Special thank you to Rick, Carrie, Logan and Toller for all your love, prayers, advice, friendship and support. 

Become a partner

Your Giving Makes a Big Difference…

Build a Dorm/Classroom $7000

2 out of 5 funded

To build a student dorm costs $7000 and will house our students while they attend the Jungle Discipleship School. This is also how much it costs to build a classroom for the students.


Starlink Internet $200/month

1 out of 12 funded

Deep in the jungle there is no wifi or mobile connection, so we rely on Starlink service to help staff and students stay connected. It also helps us keep producing the video series and podcast from the jungle. We have the physical Starlink unit now, but we are still looking for someone who wants to pay for the service. $3200 is roughly 12 months of unlimited global roaming package on Starlink.  


Feed the School for 1 month $5000

4 out of 10 needed

Your money will go to buy rice, fish paste, black bean paste, eggs, and support Saturday Family Dinners. This is a high priority for us right now.


Staff Stipends $1500/month

1 out of 10 funded (1 pledged)

Supporting our staff financially with a small gift each month helps them support their families. It prevents them from having to flee to 3rd countries illegally to find work, and helps us keep high quality staff members involved. $1500/month pays 10 staff.  This is a high priority for us right now.


Staff Houses $5000

0 out of 4 funded

Right now our staff and students live under tarps and in hammocks. Some of our staff have their wives with them, so we want to build a small house for them.


Buy a Truck  ($15,000)

0 out of 1 Funded

We need to move lots of supplies and people on both sides of the border, so we want to have 1 truck inside Burma, and eventually 1 truck on the other side of the border. Trucks are also used as ambulances on missions. Trucks inside Burma can be used for about 10 months of the year depending on the roads during rainy season. Trucks need to be 4WD and have a winch and some extras added to manage the rough jungle roads.


Outfit a Student $1000

3 out of 30 funded

Help clothe our students. We need to provide everything from their socks and underwear to their uniforms and PT clothes. 


Support a Relief Mission $9,000

1 Out of 5 funded

A relief missions consists of medical programs (treating over 1000 patients) and childrens programs to share the gospel in the warzone. Supporting 1 Mission for March 2024 is a high priority for us right now.


.22 Hunting Rifle $2400

0 out of 2 funded (1 pledged)

A .22 calibre hunting rifle is a real blessing in the jungle. We can hunt in the jungle for jungle chickens, wild pigs, barking deer, and other animals that feed our school.


Pray and Give Only as God Leads You

You may not be able to sponsor one of the big-ticket items above, but please consider still partnering with us, big or small, your contribution will make a huge difference in Burma and in the lives of our students. We kindly ask that you only give if this is something you feel God is leading you into doing. We don’t want to manipulate anyone into giving. You give to God, God gives to us. 

Become a partner

Physical Items Needed


Physical Items Needed

Most of the time physical items are cheaper and easier to get here in SE Asia. Also, plus shipping fees and customs/import fees it often makes more sense to just send us money and tell us what you want us to buy with it. We’ll do our best. However, listed below are some items that you could buy, along with a link to the item, and the best place to ship it. If you have questions, get in touch. 

Thuraya SatSleeve+ $654USD

0 out of 1

A Sat Phone is essential for emergencies and planning. I used the SatSleeve+ for years at FBR and it works great. If you’re interested in buying one of these for us, get in touch with me and I’ll tell you where to ship it.


Starlink Internet $3800USD

1 out of 1

This cost pays for the Starlink dish + 1 year of global roaming. You can actually buy the dishes on eBay for quite cheap to save costs and then we can activate the service. Global roaming costs $260CAD/month or approx $3120/year


Zoleo Satellite Communicator  $270CAD

0 out of 2

These little devices are back up communicators in case of emergency. They allow the ability to send/receive SMS messages anywhere in the world. (Please contact me before you buy this. This company has blocked their satellites over Burma for the time-being.) 


Android Phones

5 out of 50+

If you have an new or used (unlocked) Android Phone that you’re willing to part with it would get a great second life in the jungle. Phones are a never-ending need for our team members and staff, so we’re always happy to accept a new/used Android phone.


Music Equipment

0 out of ??

If supporting music is up your ally then consider donating some music equipment. You can send it over, bring it over and play us a song, or get in touch and let us know you want to buy us some music equipment. We need instruments, mics, speakers, technology, etc. 


Doogee R10 Rugged Tablet  $370CAD

0 out of 30

One day I’d love to be able to give all our students a tablet for their class. The Doogee R10 (or R20) tablet is rugged and withstands the hard life of the jungle.



100 out of 100 FULLY FUNDED!

Thanks to a generous donation from the Whittlesey family we now have enough bibles in Karen language to use on our upcoming March mission as well as to give a Bible to every staff and student at the Jungle Discipleship School! 


Motorcycles $2000

2 out of 8 Funded

These motorcycles are the way everyone moves around inside Burma. 125cc – 155cc Honda motorcycles are used almost every day. Moving supplies, people, and patients, the motorcycles are so useful in the jungle. They drive them with chains on in the rainy season and these tough little bikes are easy to repair and maintain.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is my giving tax deductible?

Yes, we can provide you a tax receipt for gifts made in Canada or the USA. Canadian giving is receipted through Kontakt Canada. USA giving that requires a tax receipt is done through Kontact Mission USA.

Do you accept volunteers?

Yes! If God is sending you, please consider coming to join us. Please visit this page to see current open positions.

Are there materials you need we can send?

Yes! Get in touch with us to find out what we need. Sometimes with shipping and customs fees its cheaper to just send money and let us buy it here, but if you’re coming or want to send something (even Christmas cards to our student?)

Do you accept foreigners as students?

Yes! If you feel like you want to attend the Jungle Discipleship School as a student we accept foreigners. This process is different and you need to get in touch with us to find out more information about that and tuition fees for foreigners.

Do you charge tuition from the students? 

We don’t charge our students from Burma anything to attend the school. Everything is free. 

Do you have to be a Christian to attend? 

Great question. For our students from Burma you can be any religion (as long as you agree to engage in the Bible materials taught in the classes). If you are a foreign student or volunteer then we want you have a relationship with Jesus before coming.