Come Serve With US

We have a limited number of volunteer positions open, but we are always looking for motivated, skilled professionals to come help us. Check out our current open positions below.

Long Term Volunteering

Is God Calling You To Serve Long-Term?

If you feel like God is calling you to long-term missions service overseas then lets talk. So much of the work we do is relationship based, so those who want to stay long term make the biggest difference. We consider “long-term” to be minimum of 1 full school year – but prefer people who feel called to stay indefinetely. 

Short Term Trips

One of the fun things about our Jungle Discipleship School is that we always welcome guests to the school to teach us a new skill. If you are a barber or butcher, musician or mathimetician, carpenter or cowboy, chances are you’ve got a skill you can teach us. Get in touch with us to plan your visit – let us know your skill that you want to come teach and your time frame. A short-term volunteer can spend anywhere from two weeks to several months with us.

Current Volunteer Openings

We have a limited number of open positions, but please read the descriptions below. If you think one of these positions is for you, get in touch with us!  


We have multiple openings for translators. We accept students who speak multiple languages so we are constantly in need of translators. Translators should be fluent in English, Burmese and/or Karen. Translators can rotate at the school depending on their availability and should be willing to translate classes, texts, and other resources for the school. 

Bible Teacher

Do you have a passion for the Bible and leading people deeper in their relationship with Jesus? We are looking for discipleship curriculum teachers who can plan, teach and lead discipleship classes. Being physically fit is a must for this job. 

Mission Skills Teacher

Are you an army guy? Do you have a passion for teaching security and mission-related skills that are useful in a war zone? consider coming to work with our front line training and mission team. 

All Things Media

Are you a social media dork? We need your help. As a growing platform we need someone who can be our tech and media guru. Someone who can manage our social platforms. Answer emails. Develop websites. Edit videos. Manage the TV show. Lead the podcast. Basically be the person who helps us engage with the rest of the world. 

English Teacher

Do you have a passion for language and teaching? Come and help our students learn English. Our students have weekly language classes built into the schedule. We want all our students to leave the program with a good grasp of English language – this will serve them in their future. 

Short-Term Opportunities

Do you want to come visit us or offer a seminar to our students? We can always use Physical Training (PT) instructors, people who want to help with supply and logisitics, people who are gifted in developing farms and gardens, and other specialists. If you want to come and give a seminar we would love to hear about what you want to teach – we are open to almost everything from Singer/Songwriter workshops, to butchering, hair cutting/styling, and any other skills that we can learn that might help our students in the future. Get in touch. 

Warning: All of our positions come with a certain level of risk that you must be willing to accept. While we don’t have a fitness requirement, our students take PT every day – with the staff – so fitness should be a important part of you life. Our school is in an active war zone, which means Burma Army fighter jets could bomb the school at any time. We also must be very careful moving to/from the school and maintain a high level of security (and communication security) at all times. While we will take every precaution, you should know we cannot guarantee your safety. 

“To live is Christ, to die is gain.” The Apostle Paul


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have requirements or qualifications that must be met to volunteer?

Depending on the job, but mostly we want to see your CV and talk to some of your references and get to know your character. Your relationship with God and your integrity and character are more important than meeting certain requirements. 

Can I bring my family?

Only our Long-Term staff are able to bring their families to the school. We don’t like seperating families, so get in touch with us and explain your situation. 

Are full time staff paid?

No. All of our foreign staff raise their own support to come and work at the Jungle Discipleship School. We do provide a small monthly stipend to our local staff from Burma, but everyone else is a volunteer. 

Am I required to go to the front line?

In the war zone you will be required to follow the directions of your mission leader – if you’re on a mission. You mission leader will not direct you to go to the front lines or places of extreme danger, but they may direct you to do certain things in certain times for security reasons and you will be expected to follow. 

Do I need military skills?

No, absolutely not. Your relationship with Jesus and love is the two biggest skills. Having a military background might help you feel more comfortable in the war zone, and help you understand what is going on, but it is not required. 

I’m a journalist can I come do a story on your school?

Sure! Get in touch with us and we can work out the details. You’ll be required to follow the directions of school staff while in Burma, but we are happy to shine a light on what is happening in Burma.